About This Service

With our experience of socially conscious video storytelling – ranging from the cultural impacts of the Olympic Games to exploring various challenges in niche communities – We are enthusiastic storytellers at both the international and local level. Our Reporting & Features videos are a tangible tool to share your vision, connect with your community and highlight your positive impacts in the world. All the while raising your brand awareness, boosting shares and driving engagement.
An Inspiring day as the Global Climate Strike led by Great Thunberg galvanizes an estimated 100k to march in Vancouver with Millions more joining in across the world! Storyhero Media founder and Novus TV host Jordan Wade hit the streets of Vancouver to chat with students, teachers, activists, and concerned citizens to get their take on climate justice and the future of our planet


Get in touch with us!  Like all great projects, it all starts with a conversation.  We are excited to learn more about you and your video needs and explore those possibilities together.

That’s Ok, Most people are.  We take special care in getting to know you and your vision ahead of time through multiple face-to-face conversations.  We pride ourselves on being great listeners, asking specific questions to elicit confident responses and building great relationships with our clients so that you can be fully self-expressed in sharing your truth.

Coming up with creative storytelling solutions for your video idea is our jam.  

We do this by getting to know you & your purpose. We dive deep to learn more about your brand, business needs and the overall vibe you’re looking for.  With our background in journalism and cinematography we come up with a variety of creative storytelling avenues that will help connect your resources, skills, talents & mission with your ideal client.

Yes. Typically our clients choose to have a variety of videos to cover the various aspects of their business, the different pages of their website and to create more content for their video channels.  Depending on the scope and length, we can typically shoot enough footage to give you anywhere from 6 to 8 short videos in one day of production.

We will send you a rough draft within about one month of our shooting date and get your feedback. We suggest having multiple voices to share about the various aspects of your business, this could include expert knowledge from your trusted team members and testimonials from satisfied customers.



Award winning video production company with a focus on engaging storytelling, inclusivity, and social impact