Sochi Pride

The Sochi 2014 Olympics will be remembered for a lot of things including corruption, overblown budgets and poor infrastructure. It will also be remembered for months of international protest after Vladimir Putin’s contentious decision to ban gay rights in Russia. Storyhero Media founder Jordan Wade traveled to Sochi to witness first-hand this controversy. Through interactions with athletes, academics and activists, this 30 minute film explores the evolution of the Gay rights movement, IOC’s role as a global facilitator, and the interplay of the Olympics and human rights. Sochi Pride was screened internationally in 2016 receiving notable praise, launching Storyhero’s unique documentary style and passion for social impact.

Sarah & Richards 50th Anniversary

When pandemic restrictions threatened to make Richard & Sarah’s 50th anniversary a very quiet and socially-distanced affair, their kids got together to coordinate a tribute from loved ones around the globe. This 40 minute film is a labor of love, told through the voices of their children, siblings, friends & family. It includes the story of how they met, what their families’ first impressions were and why they nearly broke up in the early going. Plus entertaining insights and anecdotes of how they’ve been successful in staying together for the past 50 years.

Andrew’s 60th Birthday

What started as being hired to film the highlights of a big 60th birthday party turned into a 20-min documentary that celebrates Andrew’s life story through the eyes and words of his closest friends, family and colleagues. The birthday party was planned but the documentary that followed was a breathtaking surprise that not only celebrates this great man but leaves a legacy for his family to watch over and over again

Homes at Last: New Commons

A 15-min documentary commissioned by New Commons Development on behalf of the Government of Canada. This film showcases the struggles that small communities face when it comes to affordable housing in BC but thanks to some recent non-profit initiatives there are new solutions on the horizon.